GORUCK Indestructible Training Shorts - 7.5 worn by an athlete 3

Frogskin Camo from GORUCK

Get the new GORUCK Frogskin Camo and you can look like a duck hunter who stepped out of a time machine from the 1960s. Go rucking or join the GORUCK Challenges wearing tough gear in frogskin camo with GORUCK. GORUCK is known not only for rucking, Events, Challenges, and Tribe & Training but also for its indestructible apparel, bulletproof rucksack, [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Indestructible Training Shorts - 7.5 worn side

Tiger Stripe Camo Gear from GORUCK

Let’s take a look at Tiger Stripe Camo Gear from GORUCK. Camouflage means concealing or hiding something by covering it up or altering the way it looks. Camouflage has been utilized by military forces and hunters to hide so they will remain hidden from their enemies and prey. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: [READ MORE…]

GORUCK DFNDR Armor Rucksack Insert bag
Plate Carriers

DFNDR Armor Rucksack Insert from GORUCK

Let’s take a look at DFNDR Armor Rucksack Insert – made by DFNDR, but available through GORUCK. There are different types of backpack inserts available in the market that present various levels of ballistic protection. GORUCK, maker of the best and toughest rucking gear, partnered with DFNDR Armor, designer of lighter weight and more impact resistant armor to come up [READ MORE…]

GORUCK 24.7 Merino Wool Tee charcoal black worn

24.7 Merino Wool Tee from GORUCK

New gear alert! Here’s the brand-new 24.7 Merino Wool Tee from GORUCK. Why Merino wool? Read on to find out… Merino wool is a natural fiber produced by Merino sheep. It is lighter and smoother than traditional wool, so it is easy to wear next to the skin. And if you love outdoors or engaging in outdoor activities, Merino wool [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Simple Cargo Pants Coyote side pocket

Simple Cargo Pants from GORUCK

Here’s the newest training pants option from GORUCK: the new Simple Cargo Pants from GORUCK. They may look like jeans but Simple Cargo Pants from GORUCK aren’t really jeans. They are better in terms of versatility, durability, and comfort. These are also the kind of pants that you can use for different physical activities without restricting your movements. Here are [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Performance TAC Hat side view rucking

Hats from GORUCK

Let’s take a look at Hats from GORUCK. More than completing your attire and making you look good, hats are a necessity that provides you benefits when you wear them. Whether a beanie or a cap, these hats are part of everyday life and provide comfort and protection for your outdoor activities. Here are some of the styles we are [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Mid - Black + Camo pair

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers in Black and Camo

Let’s take a look at GORUCK Ballistic Trainers in Black and Camo. The Ballistic Trainer excels in snatches, cleans and jerks, squats, and heavy lifting inside the gym. But you can also do weighted ruck activities and sandbag workouts in dusty or muddy terrain with it and get the traction and support you need. This trainer shines even more outside [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Full Zip Hoodie - Leave No One details

GORUCK Leave No One Collection

Here’s the latest from GORUCK – the new GORUCK Leave No One Collection. GORUCK Leave No One Collection is a reminder to every unit going to battle — never leave a comrade on the battlefield, alive or dead. From head to foot, this collection will remind you and others of this short phrase. Here are some of the styles we [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Radio Ruck ranger green back
Radio Comms & GPS

GORUCK Return of the Radio Ruck

Let’s take a look at Radio Ruck. The Radio Ruck is made to last with its durable materials, simple construction, practical features, and well-defined artistry. Whether you are rucking, hiking, traveling, or taking photos, the radio ruck can accompany you and will make sure everything inside is kept safe and protected. This classic size is now available again – in [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Heritage Jump Boots worn lacing

Heritage Jump Boots from GORUCK

Let’s look at the soon to be released Heritage Jump Boots from GORUCK. With paratrooper ops in mind, the original Jump boots were designed in 1941 and were used by the 82nd Airborne Division. They were distinguished by their stiff toe caps and calf-length lacing and saw action in Sicily, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. Having the same motivation, [READ MORE…]

GORUCK Brick Bag top view

GORUCK Brick Bag Pre-Order

GORUCK is coming out with a new load-carrying item – the Brick Bag. Here’s the catch – if you want one, you have to pre-order now. If you participate in a GORUCK Challenge, you probably bring bricks to stuff in your ruck. But bricks are extremely rough that they cut holes even in the Cordura. Holes still happen no matter [READ MORE…]

GORUCK GR2 Shooter - USA 34L interior shooter

GORUCK Tactical – Shooter Rucksack Pre-Order

The GORUCK Shooter Rucksacks are back – but you have to pre-order now. GORUCK Shooter Rucksacks are specially made for firearms carry and tactical use. People around you wouldn’t know you are carrying firearms as these rucksacks look like all GORUCK’s rucksacks. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GORUCK Shooter Rucksacks – Overview GORUCK [READ MORE…]

Mystery Ranch Treehouse 20 canopy top
Load Bearing & Uniform

Treehouse 20 Pack from Mystery Ranch

Let’s take a look at the Treehouse 20 Pack from Mystery Ranch. Mystery Ranch creates the best load-bearing equipment for the military, firefighters, hunters, climbers, and frontlines. Their backpacks are known for their durability, flexibility, ruggedness, and comfort. The Treehouse 20 is one of their backpacks made for quick run and gun missions. 20 Liters of volume to get the [READ MORE…]

Mystery Ranch Hip Monkey Pack internal

Everyday Carry Packs from Mystery Ranch

Let’s take a look at EDC – Everyday Carry Packs from Mystery Ranch. Everyday Carry or EDC came from the Boy Scout movement and the tactical and survivalist associations. It is designed to be brought together in a pocket or on a belt whether you are in the jungle or on the road. With this, your EDC needs a durable [READ MORE…]

Ruck Plate Carrier - 45 Lb sandbag

Ruck Plate Carrier 45 Lb Pre-Order

Here comes the Ruck Plate Carrier 45 Lb – from GORUCK. This is a Pre-Order. The Ruck Plate Carrier houses a Ruck Plate (sold separately) and is used high and snug on your back for natural stability. It is an excellent addition to your garage gym when a workout calls for adding to your body weight, or it can also [READ MORE…]

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Rucking

If you are participating in a ruck march training or event (like a GORUCK event) you probably don’t need to pack an IFAK or trauma kit. Why not? Because you are already going to have to pack the minimum required weight – so why add more to that? Here’s the items we recommend you have in your GORUCK first aid [READ MORE…]

A tactical headlamp with a red lens being used to preserve night vision.
Night Vision Goggles

Best Tactical Headlamp

Let’s look at the best tactical headlamp. Why a tactical headlamp? Because it gives you bright light, when you need it, in a hands free fashion. It is a lot more convenient than a flashlight – because you don’t have to hold it. What’s more, today’s models with LED bulbs are incredibly bright, lightweight, and have great battery life. There’s [READ MORE…]

Best Hydration Bladder for Rucking

Best Hydration Bladder for Rucking

Have you ever had a water bottle leak into your hiking rucksack, making the entire contents of the bag wet? Have you ever wished that you could have a water source available while running without having to tote around a heavy, sloshing water bottle? Wouldn’t it be simple to sip out of a straw while exploring rather than having to [READ MORE…]


Beginner Rucking Gear

Here we are going to explain a cheap, but complete basic rucking gear setup for a beginner. This would be a great setup for a GORUCK Light event, but would work for a Heavy or a Tough as well. This is a no-frills load out – no unnecessary bells and whistles, and using the most cost efficient gear possible. At [READ MORE…]


Cold Weather Rucking Tips

Rucking this winter? Be sure to stay warm. But, do it in a smart way. Here’s our tips for cold weather rucking. These top tips were gleaned from the experience of many ruckers. Here’s the gear we’re going to look at: Best materials for cold weather rucking First of all, let’s review the best materials to use in the cold [READ MORE…]

Best Plate Carrier 2019 - JPC Plate Carrier
Plate Carriers

Best Plate Carrier 2020

What’s the Best Plate Carrier in 2020? For comfort and mobility it seems to be the . It’s been described as the “most balanced minimalist plate carrier family on the market.” A minimalist plate carrier would be a good option for a home defense plate carrier. But, this is a versatile PC that could be used for: training classes and [READ MORE…]

The GORUCK GR2 is a great backpack, but it's a premium backpack. Find out all the great features that make this an expensive, but outstanding rucksack for rucking.

The Most Expensive Backpacks for Rucking

How’s this for a change of pace? Let’s skip the budget-friendly, low-cost backpacks for rucking. Instead, we’re going to look at the most expensive backpacks for rucking. Why? Well, because these very expensive tactical backpacks also happen to be outrageously good. What We Need in a Rucksack For Rucking Honestly the requirements for a rucking backpack are not too intense. [READ MORE…]

Best Boot for Rucking 2019

Best Boots For Rucking in 2020

If you use rucking for personal physical fitness or for military training, you need good boots. Footwear is hands down the most important piece of equipment for rucking (after that your rucksack is second most important). Let’s talk about what makes the best boots for rucking in 2019. First of all, if you are in the US military your footwear [READ MORE…]

Best Budget Backpack for Rucking

Best Budget Rucksacks for Rucking

Rucking (hiking or marching with a loaded backpack) is simple, cheap exercise. Throw some weight (20 lbs for beginners, 30 lbs for advanced) into a backpack and walk. There are many options for rucksacks, but the and the other bags in the Rush line are particularly budget friendly. These make perfectly acceptable alternatives to the expensive GORUCK bags – and [READ MORE…]

Titan Fitness Ruck Plates

Budget Ruck Plates for the Ruck March

We’re going to look at the best budget ruck plates available via Amazon: the and the . What is a Ruck Plate? Ruck Plates (also called Ruck Weights) let you add compact, heavy weight to your rucksack. They provide a significant weight in a compact form factor. Ruck plates fit conveniently in the laptop compartment, hydration pocket, or ruck plate [READ MORE…]