Boots for rucking - what are the best options? What's the best boot for rucking?
Rucking Boots

Best Boots For Rucking in 2019

If you use rucking for personal physical fitness or for military training, you need good boots. Footwear is hands down the most important piece of equipment for rucking (after that your rucksack is second most important). Let’s talk about what makes the best boots for rucking in 2019. First of all, if you are in the US military your footwear might have to be AR 670-1 compliant. That’s the US Army regulation that dictates what footwear (and other items) are allowed as part of the uniform. What does AR 670-1 compliant mean in practical terms? If your commander has authorized commercial design combat boots: Boot must be 8″ to 10″ high. Must be made from tan or coyote color cattle hide leather (flesh side out). Plain toe, not steel toe. Color matching sole – The sole of the boot must also be tan or coyote. Sole can’t be more than 2″ in height. The outsole must be rubber or pure polyether polyurethane. Boot upper has to be leather or non-mesh fabric. If it doesn’t look a lot like the Army [Read more…]