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What is Camouflage?

Camouflage is a French word meaning disguise. Historically, camouflage has been used by both military forces and hunters, for pretty much the same purpose. And that purpose is to remain hidden – to be able to take action first from a position of surprise. OK – that makes sense. Here in this article we’ll focus on common camouflage in use today, primarily for uniforms and personnel concealment. What is Camouflage? From the US Army FM 5-20 Manual “CAMOUFLAGE BASIC PRINCIPLES AND FIELD CAMOUFLAGE”: “Camouflage uses concealment and deception to promote our offensive or defensive action, to surprise, to mislead the enemy, and to prevent the enemy from inflicting damage” and “Concealment includes hiding from view, making hard to see clearly, arranging obstructions to vision, deceiving, and disguising.” “Deception is attained by the use of, any means or measure to mislead, distract, or misrepresent any installation, equipment, or activity.” So, we see there are two essential elements: Concealment and Deception. Camouflage and Concealment In this article, we’re going to focus mostly on concealment. How can we conceal an individual and their [Read more…]

Suunto Baseplate Compass - our pick for premium magnetic compass for outdoorsman, orienteering, and survival
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Best Baseplate Compass for Land Navigation

An essential part of any serious Bug Out Bag (BOB), Get Home Bag (GHB), survival pack, or outdoorsman’s rucksack is a magnetic compass. Not a smartphone compass app, but a real, no battery needed compass. A magnetic compass will always work because of Earth’s magnetic field. There are two main types of magnetic compass: a lensatic compass and the baseplate compass (also commonly known as an orienteering compass.) Baseplate compasses work well with maps, but certainly can be used without a map as well. We’re going to review the best options for baseplate compasses, because that’s the type we’d recommend. Compass, Map, and Land Navigation Terms Primer We’re going to present a variety of compass options. To understand the benefit of some of these compass features, it would be good to quickly review some of the key terms involved with magnetic compasses and land navigation. Much of this information is derived from the US Army’s field manual for Map Reading and Land Navigation[1]. For those without military experience, it should be known that the military has driven the need for [Read more…]