Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles (GPNVG) from EOTech
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Best Night Vision Googles (NVG) for 2019

Let’s look at the best night vision goggles available in 2019. There are mainly three types – monocular (one tube), binocular (two tubes), and panoramic (four tubes). There’s also “biocular” which is one tube with two eyepieces. We’ll review all these options. Shown here is a 4 tube NVG setup that provides a panoramic view (wide field of view). This is what is known as a PNVG – for Panoramic Night Vision Goggles. Let’s look at some of the common hardware that is in use. Most of these are pretty darn expensive. Binocular (dual tube) systems range from $10K – $20K. Prices for PNVGs are in the low to high $40K range, and are available only to government and law enforcement in many cases. Here’s some of the night vision devices we’ll look at in this article. How do Night Vision Goggles work? In a nutshell, NVGs use special hardware to accomplish “Light Intensification”. They take whatever minimal amount of light that is available and amplify it to a level that is useful to the human eye. Here’s a simplified [Read more…]