GORUCK Radio Ruck ranger green back
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GORUCK Return of the Radio Ruck

Let’s take a look at Radio Ruck. The Radio Ruck is made to last with its durable materials, simple construction, practical features, and well-defined artistry. Whether you are rucking, hiking, traveling, or taking photos, the radio ruck can accompany you and will make sure everything inside is kept safe and protected. This classic size is now available again – in [READ MORE…]

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FCC Licensing for Radio Operators

What is the FCC? The Federal Communication Commission, or FCC, is an independent agency created by the United States Federal government to regulate communications via radio, television, wire, satellite, cable and internet. Why does the FCC require that certain radio frequencies are only used by licensed and trained operators? The FCC was initially created in 1934 for the purposes of: [READ MORE…]

A DAGR military GPS device.
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Understanding GPS and the Future of Positioning Tech

What Is The Global Positioning System? The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a U.S-owned and operated system that can give precise, relative, or general location information. Officially, information about location is called Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) because those three elements come together to provide GPS services. For most people, GPS is a way to figure out where they are [READ MORE…]

A cell phone tower
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Emergency Communications for Civilians

Have you ever thought about how dependent modern society is on the cellular phone? We’ve reaped the benefits of having “always on” connectivity and the ability to contact anyone and just about anywhere at our finger tips. But the truth is that the cellular system is quite fragile – and it is not something we can count on to be [READ MORE…]

The Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) being used to send a message from a patrol vehicle.
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What is ATAK?

ATAK is the Android Tactical Assault Kit. It is a smartphone geospatial application originally developed for Android phones and tablets. It is sometimes referred to as the Android Team Awareness Kit or the Awesome Team Awareness Kit – because there are versions for Windows and iOS as well as Android. Tactical uses include mission planning, situational awareness (SA), mission execution, [READ MORE…]

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Best Military Grade Phone Cases

Let’s look at the best military grade phone cases available for iPhone and Android. Why take your phone on the mission? Because modern smartphones are amazing devices – they can leverage GPS, GLONASS, Galileo satnav systems for precise location finding – in a fraction of the space of a dedicated GPS unit. Secondly, there are some cool new Situational Awareness [READ MORE…]

A robust handheld GPS device - rugged, with long battery life - this has many advantages over your smartphone
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Handheld GPS Devices for 2020

GPS, short for Global Positioning System, devices are everywhere. The tech needed to give you a quick readout on your location anywhere in the world is smaller and cheaper than ever. GPS, and the navigating efficiency it enables, is truly one of the wonders of modern life. Your phone, your watch, even your fitness tracker – all these things can [READ MORE…]

Best Comms Setup
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Best Comms Set Up For Tactical Use

Let’s talk about the best tactical comms setups for tactical radio. What are the essentials that you need? You’ll need a radio, an electronic headset (ideally with noise cancellation or high sound cut-off), and a push to talk (PTT) switch of some sort. Here’s the gear we are going to explain: Here’s a comms headset with a boom mic in [READ MORE…]

Best Tactical Notebook 2019
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Best Tactical Notebook 2020

Let’s look at tactical notebooks. What’s a tactical notebook? It’s a tough notebook made for field use – like in the mud, rain, or desert heat. And to use a tactical or field notebook – you’d better have a tough pen too. Here’s the products we are going to cover today. Features of the Best Tactical Notebook First of all, [READ MORE…]

Casio G-Shock - Best Military Watch?
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Casio G-Shock – Best Military Watch?

The Casio G-Shock line of watches enjoy great popularity among people in military service. We believe that it’s important to understand exactly why military-style gear and accessories are better choices for durability, performance and expanded uses. We also believe that the Casio G-Shock is the best military watch available for the price. Shown here is the . Looks simple doesn’t [READ MORE…]

Best Tactical Pen 2019
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Best Tactical Pen 2020

Let’s look at the best tactical pen for 2020. What’s a tactical pen? It’s a pen for writing – but so much more. A tactical pen is an ink pen that has other uses too – such as self defense and survival. Every man should include a good writing instrument in his bug out bag, get home bag, or similar. [READ MORE…]