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Best Military Grade Phone Cases

Let’s look at the best military grade phone cases available for iPhone and Android. Why take your phone on the mission? Because modern smartphones are amazing devices – they can leverage GPS, GLONASS, Galileo satnav systems for precise location finding – in a fraction of the space of a dedicated GPS unit. Secondly, there are some cool new Situational Awareness [READ MORE…]

Advanced Night Vision Goggles like the AN/PVS-21 show that night vision technology just keeps getting better and better.
Night Vision Goggles

Fusion Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) are game-changing tactical gear and in 2019 the prices are coming down and capabilities are better than ever. But at the same time there is some really cool new high-end gear coming out. Advanced Night Vision Goggles include low-profile night vision goggles and those that combine thermal imagery with light amplification – so called fused or [READ MORE…]

Magazines & Mag Pouches

Best Mag Pouches

Let’s look at the best mag pouches (magazine pouches). We’ll look at some popular tactical gear options that work great with your plate carrier, chest rig, or battle belt. We’re going to compare Blue Force Gear’s Ten-Speed line of mag pouches to High Speed Gear’s (HSGI) Taco mag pouches against Esstac’s Kywi line. Let’s get started. Here’s some of the [READ MORE…]

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Trail Cameras for Hunting

Game trail cameras have come a long way – there’s a ton of new, high-tech options you can get for cheap. We’ll take a look at those here. Here’s the gear we are going to review. Basic Features of Trail Cameras Here’s some things that are “table stakes” in trail cameras today. It’s gotta have night vision – of course. [READ MORE…]

A robust handheld GPS device - rugged, with long battery life - this has many advantages over your smartphone
Radio Comms & GPS

Handheld GPS Devices for 2020

GPS, short for Global Positioning System, devices are everywhere. The tech needed to give you a quick readout on your location anywhere in the world is smaller and cheaper than ever. GPS, and the navigating efficiency it enables, is truly one of the wonders of modern life. Your phone, your watch, even your fitness tracker – all these things can [READ MORE…]

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Rucking

If you are participating in a ruck march training or event (like a GORUCK event) you probably don’t need to pack an IFAK or trauma kit. Why not? Because you are already going to have to pack the minimum required weight – so why add more to that? Here’s the items we recommend you have in your GORUCK first aid [READ MORE…]