First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Rucking

If you are participating in a ruck march training or event (like a GORUCK event) you probably don’t need to pack an IFAK or trauma kit. Why not? Because you are already going to have to pack the minimum required weight – so why add more to that? Here’s the items we recommend you have in your GORUCK first aid kit. Waterproof storage – aLOKSAK First of all – you need something to keep the first aid kit together. A ziplock bag isn’t a terrible option – but it’s not industrial strength. The is a re-sealable, flexible storage bag. It is super-tough and guaranteed air tight. It will keep our sand, water, humidity and anything else. If you are at a ruck event, total water immersion is a very real possibility. I wouldn’t chance it with a ziplock bag. By the way, you can also use these to keep water and moisture in – for example your mouthwash bottles when you travel – isn’t it fun when those leak all over your luggage? These are also great for keeping electronics [Read more…]