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Best Comms Set Up For Tactical Use

Let’s talk about tactical comms setups. What’s the essentials that you need? You’ll need a radio, an electronic headset (ideally with noise cancellation), and a push to talk (PTT) switch of some sort. Best Comms Headset The is an “operator” quality tactical headset. The 3M Peltor ComTac III Electronic Headset has it all, and a boom mic for use with a radio. First of all – this is a noise canceling electronic headset. Thanks to the dual mics it picks up all ambient sounds and quickly shuts off to protect you from gun shots (or loud industrial noises). These meet DA PAM 40-501 Army Hearing Conservation Program requirements. They are popular with the military and LEOs. Two AAA batteries will give you approx. 500 hours of use. It includes a radio jack (and a boom mic) – which is what makes this a comms headset vs just an electronic ear muff. This headset will work with various bump and ballistic helmets with a high cut shell. Want a streamlined in-ear headset options? This would work with an ACH (Advanced Combat [Read more…]

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Best Tactical Headlamp

Let’s look at the best tactical headlamp. Why a tactical headlamp? Because it gives you bright light, when you need it, in a hands free fashion. It is a lot more convenient than a flashlight – because you don’t have to hold it. What’s more, today’s models with LED bulbs are incredibly bright, lightweight, and have great battery life. Here’s the models we’ll review. Whether you are working on a car, night trail running, road side repairs, camping, GORUCK challenge events, or on a mission – a head lamp can help make you more efficient. A headlamp with long battery life should be considered a bug out bag essential. What should you look for in a headlamp? We’ll talk about that next. Features of the Best Tactical Headlamp The best tactical headlamp will have an LED bulb, not an old school xenon or incandescent bulb. Why? LED is just better – in just about every way. For one, they can be very, very bright. Light intensity (or brightness) is measured in Lumens. You’ll see some of these models have 150 [Read more…]