Thermal imaging devices have many tactical uses
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Thermal Imaging for Night Vision

Let’s talk about thermal imaging for night vision, sometimes called thermal vision devices. What is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging lets you use an electronic device to “see” temperature differences. Infrared radiation (IR), sometimes called infrared light, is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than that of visible light. That means you can’t see it with the naked eye. It is invisible. And this sort of infrared radiation (heat) emanates from every object and the surrounding environment. We call it “heat” but every object has a temperature – even very cold objects – and therefore some amount of IR radiation. So, with the right electronic sensors we can create a visual image based on these heat differences. Here’s some of the gear we are going to look at Further, the differences in the temperature of objects in their environment are usually quite drastic – so you can actually get a fairly decent view. When might this be handy? Well – there’s lots of things you can do with thermal imaging – like detecting temperature hotspots, remotely measuring the temperature of equipment, detecting [Read more…]

Tactical Gear

Best Eye Protection

Let’s talk about eyepro (or eye pro) – Eye Protection. We’ll look at some options that are affordable, but good. We’ll look at safety glasses meant for tactical use – meaning shooting – or being shot at. All these will meet the minimum standards for impact protection as required by the US military. Here’s what we’ll look at: Oakley Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Shield Sunglasses You’ve heard of Oakley – and these are good: Why are these popular? They offer mil-spec ballistic protection. They are z87 rated – it’s stamped right on the frame. With minimal visual distortion. The lenses and nose pieces are interchangeable. For example, you can swap out the lenses for clear – if that’s what you need. Made in the USA. OK, they look good too. Please note these are NOT polarized though. ESS CrossBlade ESS is a division of Oakley, and they make the . The manufacturer calls these “ballistic eyeshields”. They are made in the USA, and are Z87.1+ rated. These include advanced ClearZone Anti-fog coatings plus two different sized lens and nosepiece options [Read more…]

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RV Survival Mods for Off-Road Living

Living off the grid is becoming more commonplace these days, with more than 18,000 families choosing to live off-grid in the U.S. alone. Toughing it out in the wilderness without modern comforts is no easy task, however, especially for those who want to live the nomadic lifestyle. If you’re living off the grid in an RV, taking proper precautions may save you from having to spend any nights without food, water, or shelter. There are several simple modifications that you can make to your camper to create a safer, more comfortable home. Install a Water Filtration System The most critical resource in any off-grid scenario is water. We can only survive about a week without water. Even after a couple of days, the effects of dehydration can set in, including: A decrease in energy levels Headaches or migraines Confusion and dizziness Drastic fluctuations in blood pressure Stiff joints Seizures When you’re living off-road out of your RV, you never know when an emergency might strike. If you find yourself stranded and your water supply dwindling, it’s a good idea to [Read more…]