Best Bump Helmet 2020

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Let’s look at the best bump helmet that you can pick up in 2020.

What is a bump helmet?

A bump helmet is protective gear worn to protect your head and skull. A bump helmet in particular protects you against bumps, falls, and similar impacts.

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet (Coyote Brown, Size 2)

Basically, bump helmets stop your head from hitting the sharp corner of things.

A bump helmet is NOT a ballistic helmet.

A ballistic helmet may protect you from a range of high speed projectiles. That’s not what a bump helmet is for.

Why would you need a bump helmet?

First off, for tactical operations and law enforcement there is obviously a need for a bump helmet.

It also gives you a convenient way to mount a carry certain gear – Night Vision Goggles, IR Strobes, Comms Headsets, Task Lights, and more.

If those things aren’t mounted on your helmet – where will they be mounted?

Typically a bump helmet is lighter than a ballistic helmet – and that means less fatigue and less wear and tear on your body.

Bump helmets can be useful for recreational activities too – like whitewater rafting, skateboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, and more.

Or, how about: caving, ziplining, and rock scrambling?

All those things require a good bump helmet.

Bump helmets are also used in Search And Rescue (SAR) operations, particularly in mountaineering situations.

They are also a popular accessory for airsoft, LARPing, and MilSim.

We’ll look at the best bump helmets from Team Wendy.

But Ops-Core and ESSTAC also have good models.

Let’s take a closer look.

Bump Helmet vs Ballistic Helmet

A ballistic helmet can protect you from high speed fragments, shrapnel, and some projectiles.

But, they are heavy and expensive.

With a bump helmet you don’t get ballistic protection – but you do get these advantages:

  • Protection from bumps, impacts, and falls – this can be important when climbing stairs or navigating rocky terrain with a heavy load of equipment. Or, if you’ve ever been in an armored vehicle crash or rollover – you’ll appreciate what a bump helmet can do for you.
  • A place to mount your gear – Night vision, task lights or headlamps, GOPRO cams, IR strobes, and comms gear like headsets (or hearing protection). All these things can be mounted on rails, on hook and loop, and in other ways.
  • Lighter and more agile than a heavy kevlar helmet.

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Bump Helmet

The Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet (Buy on Amazon) is one o the best bump helmets.

First of all this is the LTP model – Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer.

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet (Coyote Brown, Size 1)

This is mil-spec equipment made for serious business. Team Wendy is one of the biggest players in providing helmets to the military.

Available in black or coyote brown – so it will meet the needs of the SWAT team or a military unit.

The Coyote Brown color option is shown above.

As we mentioned, the bump helmet’s primary job is to protect your skull from impacts.

But, for tactical gear it helps with a lot of other things as well.

One popular accessory by is NVGs – Night Vision Goggles.

A bump helmet is the easiest way to mount NVGs for night-time hog hunting.

And for this the Team Wendy LTP has an NVG shroud with an integrated Wilcox® machined aluminum mounting plate.

It also includes shock cord/bungee kit for stabilizing NVGs or goggles – to stop NVG wobble.

And what’s that on the sides? Kind of looks like a picatinny rail.

Yep – The LTP includes two Magpul® MOE® picatinny style rails and mounting hardware.

These can be used to mount IR illuminators, flashlights, ear protectors, or comms headsets – like the Peltor.

EXFIL LTP Helmet with Rail 2.0 (Coyote Brown, Size 1)
  • Team Wendy Zorbium foam liner with customizable comfort pads; side rails with MAGPUL MOE picatinny rails included
  • Built-in NVG shroud utilizes an integrated Wilcox machined aluminum shroud insert optimized for use with night vision devices
  • The Boa Fit System stabilizes the weight of the helmet by distributing a light, even pressure around the head, similar in feel to a baseball cap
  • Rear bungee for securing goggle straps; external loop for mounting counterweights, beacon lights and ID patches
  • Independently tested to meet all performance requirements of EN 1385:2012 standard for whitewater helmets

There’s also a patch hook and loop on the side, right above that rail.

Use the hook and loop (aka velcro) to mount id or morale patches as needed.

There’s also hook and loop on the back – use that to attach counter weights – or anything else.

Communications headsets (comms) are also often used in the tactical environment – so the LTP has a high-cut shell for communications headset clearance.

Is this a tough helmet?

Yes, it meets all the performance requirements of the EN 1385:2012 standard for white water and canoeing helmets.

The EN 1385:2012 standard requires rigorous testing using a variety of strikes and drops.

It is still pretty light weight – at only 1.59 lbs (0.72 kg).

Team Wendy also has a more expensive version made with Carbon Fiber. It is 2x the price.

Shown here is the Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Bump Helmet in Multicam.

Team Wendy Multicam Bump Helmet - The EXFIL Carbon

Whether you go for the LTP (Polymer) or Carbon (Carbon Fiber) option there are two sizes.

Size 1 is for Medium/Large, and Size 2 (XL) is for those with a big noggin.

The Carbon option also lets you use an optional TPU liner (Thermoplastic Urethane) for even greater impact protection.

The Carbon with with that Revolve TPU Liner option (vs the Zorbium foam linter) meets ACH Blunt Impact (AR/PD10-02, 16Dec’13) standards.

Here’s the back of the EXFIL Carbon, showing the hook and loop, and other features.

Back of the Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Bump Helmet in Multicam

Lastly, for SWAT teams and Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) we have an all black version.

Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Bump Helmet - in Black

Best Bump Helmet for SAR

For SAR (Search And Rescue) operations you can also benefit from the Team Wendy gear.

This version of the EXFIL is meant for SAR missions, and you can see they offer a variety of high visibility colors.

SAR Helmet from Team Wendy - EXFIL Bump Helmet with Rails

This helmet doesn’t have all the tactical features of the other models, but it does have the important stuff.

The picatinny rails are present – because using IR and Night Vision Goggles in SAR is definitely a possibility.

It also has the Zorbium foam liner.

And it’s got the same great basic features – the multi-strap retention system, one hand adjustments, etc.

Transporting your Bump Helmet

Bump helmets are expensive – so protect them when they are not in use – especially when you are in transit.

The Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Multicam) works with any Team Wendy helmet featured here – whether the EXFIL LTP, the Carbon, or the SAR Back Country.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Multicam)

It has MOLLE on the back – for a multitude of mounting options.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Multicam)

It is also available in Coyote Brown – if you need to match that uniform color.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Coyote Brown)

Best Bump Helmet – In Summary

A bump helmet protects your head from impacts with objects and falls.

It is not a ballistic helmet – which is a more thorough piece of protection gear.

The model that is best for you depends on what you need.

Recreational bump helmets don’t have a lot of accessories.

But bump helmets for tactical operations and law enforcement (LEO) do have a lot of bells and whistles that you may need to consider.

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Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet (Coyote Brown, Size 1)

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