Best MOLLE Pouch 2020

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Let’s talk about the best MOLLE pouch.

What is the best pouch?

That’s a trick question. It depends on what you need it for.

We’ll go through a variety of cool gear that fills a variety of roles. Consider this a “best of the best” list.

Here’s some of the gear we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Let’s get right to it and look at these cool MOLLE accessories.

Best General Purpose MOLLE Pouches

The Official US Military MOLLE II 200 Round SAW Gunner Mag Utility Pouch (Buy on Amazon) is a great general purpose MOLLE pouch.

If you need to carry a 200 round magazine for a SAW it is of course perfect – so technically it is a mag pouch.

But I’m going to assume that is not what you are here for.

Official US Military MOLLE II 200 Round SAW Gunner Mag Utility Pouch Coyote

What is so great about this?

For one, this is genuine US military surplus – so that means made in the USA.

And it’s made to mil-spec requirements – so it’s not a cheap piece of junk.

And, these are brand new.

It is size 9″ height x 7″ width x 3″ deep. There also two 6″ MOLLE straps on the back.

Here’s the MOLLE on the backside.

Official US Military MOLLE II 200 Round SAW Gunner Mag Utility Pouch Coyote

Carry mags or anything else in this high quality and cheap pouch.

These are also great to organize items inside your rucksack.

Best Magazine Pouch

For a magazine pouch, we recommend the High Speed Gear TACO MOLLE Single Rifle Mag Pouch (Buy on Amazon).


Because it provides both secure retention of the magazine, but also quick and easy access.

The secret is in the polymer sides and the adjustable shock cord – you can cinch this down on nearly any magazine for secure retention.

They call this system “TACO” – and it is available in other types of pouches as well.

This is a high quality item made in the USA by HSGI – a name very well known in tactical gear.

These are also covered by a lifetime warranty.

HSGI Taco Single Rifle Magazine Pouch ~ Coyote Brown, Two Pack

Best Handcuff Pouch

Need to carry handcuffs?

The High Speed Gear MOLLE Handcuff TACO (Buy on Amazon) will work with nearly any set of handcuffs.

Made in the USA, and shown here in Multicam.

These are also from High Speed Gear, and use their patented “TACO” system to ensure a secure fit.

High Speed Gear MOLLE Handcuff Taco Adjustable to Almost All Handcuffs Pouch Multicam

MOLLE Admin Pouches

CONDOR T and T Pouch (Multicam)

What’s an admin pouch?

It’s a pouch for all your odds and ends – pens, batteries, flashlights, small tools, and important papers.

These can often do double duty – they also make a great way to organize tech gear – phones, chargers, cords, wall warts, and more.

The Condor T and T pouch (Buy on Amazon) is a nice affordable admin pouch.

And it has plenty of MOLLE on the outside, and plenty of elastic straps on the inside so you can quickly and easily organize your gear.

CONDOR T and T Pouch (Multicam)

Transit Pack for Bump Helmet or Ballistic Helmet – with MOLLE

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Coyote Brown)

Got a Team Wendy Bump Helmet like the EXFIL LTP?

Transport it safely and securely using the Team Wendy Bump Helmet Transit Pack (Buy on Amazon).

This pack has a clamshell opening – perfect for helmets. It also has padding on all sides to protect the helmet.

It will fit any of the Team Wendy helmets – and any other helmet of similar dimensions.

There are also 3 moveable internal pockets that can be placed anywhere in the bag – use these for accessories or odds and ends.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Coyote Brown)

MOLLE On the back, as shown below.

There is also a grab handle and shoulder straps too.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Coyote Brown)

The Transit Pack is offered by Team Wendy, but made by Mystery Ranch – they make top notch tactical gear.

Just like the helmets, the transit pack is available in Coyote Brown or Multicam.

Here’s the MultiCam version.

Team Wendy Helmet Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch (Multicam)

Best Secure Battery Storage with MOLLE

Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage (Flat Dark Earth)

Need to store spare batteries in a tough, waterproof, and MOLLE compatible way?

Check out the Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage(Buy on Amazon).

You can also use this for anything else that will fit – that you want to keep secure.

The Thyrm Cell Vault can store: 3 CR123, 4 AAA, or 2 AA batteries; survival and first aid gear; consumables; money or a small flash drive.

The decreasing diameter keeps CR123 batteries at the bottom even when the Cell Vault is inverted. Just squeeze the sides to release CR-123s.

Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage (Flat Dark Earth)

MOLLE Compatible Tourniquet Holder (TQ Holder)

An essential part of any IFAK is a tourniquet (or two).

A tourniquet is used for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery, by compressing the limb with a tightly fit cord or bandage. This is used to stop traumatic bleeding until such time that the victim can be relocated for medical assistance.

Please note that for larger limbed individuals (especially around the thigh) two tourniquets may be needed. It’s also not a bad idea to have one as a backup to the first.

The NAR C-A-T Tourniquet Holder (Buy on Amazon) has MOLLE and will attach to a battle belt, plate carrier, chest rig, or anywhere else you have MOLLE webbing.

This item works with the North American Rescure (NAR) CAT tourniquets like the C-A-T Resources CAT Combat Application Tourniquet - GEN 7 (Buy on Amazon) that we recommend.

NAR C-A-T Tourniquet Holder - Black

Here’s another option.

Want fastest access to the TQ?

The Tourniquet Now! Strap (Buy on Amazon) is a minimalist set of straps – put these anywhere you have MOLLE.

This is made for quick access to the TQ, and doesn’t provide protection from the elements.

But, it’s also lighter than a full pouch – and keeping weight to a minimum is a good idea.

Blue Force Gear Blue-M-TNS-CB Tourniquet Now! Strap, Coyote Brown

Works best with tourniquets the size of that NAR CAT model – which is what we recommend.

TQ holders are serious business – let’s switch gears and look at something a bit more light-hearted.

MOLLE Bottle Opener

OK, this isn’t a MOLLE Pouch, but the MOLLE Bottle Opener (Buy on Amazon is a handy device still.

Simply weave this through MOLLE on your backpack’s shoulder straps, or anywhere else.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools BT1001-CP Bite Bottle Opener, Black

Frag Pouch

Need a MOLLE frag pouch?

The Frag Pouch (Buy on Amazon) is expensive (it is Cryre Precision after all) but it is probably the highest quality you can find.

This is a more versatile item than you might think – use it to hold a frag, or five 12 gauge shells (with optional insert), handcuffs, or two cans of chewing tobacco.

CRYE PRECISION Frag Pouch - Multicam

HSGI has a Frag Pouch (Buy on Amazon) option also, and it’s cheaper.

HSGI Frag Grenade Pouch MultiCam

For a bargain priced item, take a look at the Condor Frag Pouch (Buy on Amazon).

Condor Outdoor Single Frag Grenade Pouch Color- Multicam

MOLLE Sunglasses Case for Eyewear

Here’s a great hard case for eyewear – like sunglasses and more. This will fit Bolle prescription sunglasses, as one example.

It is MOLLE compatible and made with 1000D Nylon.

Tactical Molle Zipper 1000D Nylon Sunglasses Case Eyeglasses Hard Case Outdoor Portable Travel Carry Glasses Case (Black)
  • Dimensions: 6.5" *3" *2.65" (16.5 *7.56 *6.56cm) .it suit for reading eyeglasses ,sunglasses, eyeglasses .
  • Material:1000D waterproof Nylon
  • Space Saving: A carabiner-style keychain clip conveniently attaches the eyewear case to your handbag, backpack or tote bag to carry your reading glasses, goggles or any eyewear.
  • Easy Access: Portable zipper opening system, sturdy, practical and convenient.
  • Fits More Glasses: Hard shell eyeglasses case fits standard eyeglasses, large glasses size frame, and sunglasses for women men, adults and students

Where’s the MOLLE? It’s on the back.

Polemax Tactical Molle Zipper 1000D Nylon Sunglasses Case Eyeglasses Hard Case Outdoor Portable Travel Carry Glasses Case (Black), Large

It also has velcro for a patch.

But, it is available only in black.

For multicam or coyote brown, take a look at the ET Dragon Hard Glasses Case - MOLLE (Buy on Amazon).

E.T Dragon Molle Sunglass Case, Eyeglasses Hard Case Carrying Case 1000D Nylon with Clip(CP Multicam Camo)

Best MOLLE Pouch – In Summary

The best MOLLE pouch will be the one that fits your specific needs.

We hope we’ve provided some ideas for your kit or loadout.

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