Suunto Baseplate Compass - our pick for premium magnetic compass for outdoorsman, orienteering, and survival
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Best Baseplate Compass for Land Navigation

An essential part of any serious Bug Out Bag (BOB), Get Home Bag (GHB), survival pack, or outdoorsman’s rucksack is a magnetic compass. Not a smartphone compass app, but a real, no battery needed compass. A magnetic compass will always work because of Earth’s magnetic field. There are two main types of magnetic compass: a lensatic compass and the baseplate compass (also commonly known as an orienteering compass.) Baseplate compasses work well with maps, but certainly can be used without a map as well. We’re going to review the best options for baseplate compasses, because that’s the type we’d recommend. Compass, Map, and Land Navigation Terms Primer We’re going to present a variety of compass options. To understand the benefit of some of these compass features, it would be good to quickly review some of the key terms involved with magnetic compasses and land navigation. Much of this information is derived from the US Army’s field manual for Map Reading and Land Navigation[1]. For those without military experience, it should be known that the military has driven the need for [Read more…]

Best Budget Backpack for Rucking

Best Budget Rucksacks for Rucking

Rucking (hiking or marching with a loaded backpack) is simple, cheap exercise. Throw some weight (20 lbs for beginners, 30 lbs for advanced) into a backpack and walk. There are many options for rucksacks, but the and the other bags in the Rush line are particularly budget friendly. These make perfectly acceptable alternatives to those expensive GORUCK bags – and even if they don’t last as long – you could buy 4 for the same price! We’ll take a look at the models they have available, and what makes them the best budget alternatives for the ruck march or ruck event. Let’s look at backpacks that are cheap, but good. These aren’t the premium brand (GORUCK bags) that will break the bank – but they will work fine. These are the best budget rucksacks for 2019. Want to jump right to the recommendations? Here they are: Read on for all the juicy details of the best budget backpacks. 5.11 Tactical Rush12 Backpack The is our budget pick for most affordable rucksack. This rucksack is typically offered for sale under $100. [Read more…]

Titan Fitness Ruck Plates

Budget Ruck Plates for the Ruck March

We’re going to look at the best budget ruck plates available via Amazon: the and the . What is a Ruck Plate? Ruck Plates (also called Ruck Weights) let you add compact, heavy weight to your rucksack. They provide a significant weight in a compact form factor. Ruck plates fit conveniently in the laptop compartment, hydration pocket, or ruck plate sleeve ( for rucksacks equipped as such) and ensure your other gear doesn’t get dinged up too much. GORUCK makes some expensive ruck plates – but these are much cheaper. Titan Fitness started selling them first, then Yes4All created a line as well. What is a Ruck Plate For? The compact form factor ensures you aren’t wasting space for other items you really need on the ruck march. Why add weight to ruck march? For the training effect. Build up your stamina and endurance of your upper body in preparation for the real deal. Rucking is walking (or marching) with a loaded rucksack. Rucksack is military slang for a backpack. Carrying a heavy load for a long distance is a [Read more…]

Best MOLLE Clips and Connectors
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Best MOLLE Clips and Connectors

Let’s talk about the best MOLLE clips. If you’ve got tactical gear with the MOLLE system, you know it helps make your gear super-customizable and versatile. MOLLE is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. PALS, for Pouch Attachment Ladder System, is the official name of MOLLE webbing used for attaching pouches and other items. How do we connect attachments, pouches, and packs to this MOLLE? We use MOLLE clips and other connectors, such as carabiners. There’s many types of options, and we’ll discuss them here. Whether you want fast connect and disconnect, a robust interlock that won’t fail, or something in between – we’ll present the best MOLLE clips and connectors here. MOLLE webbing (also called PALS for Pouch Attachment Ladder System) is heavy-duty nylon stitched onto vests, chest rigs, battle belts, or backpacks (usually in rows) to allow for all kinds of attachments. The Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack sports lots of MOLLE – on the back and sides of the pack. Some bags, like the GORUCK GR1 also have 3 rows of MOLLE in the interior [Read more…]